Our special features on HSD storage tanks fabrication & fueling system

We design, fabricate, supply and installation of Under(Single skin/Double skin)/above ground horizontal/Vertical storage tanks with all required accessories for standard fueling system with automation system.

Key Features of our fabrication

  • Fabrication as per IS standard and explosive rules.
  • We use IS-2062 & 2002 MS quality plates of 6,8 & 10mm & etc. thk. For Horizontal /vertical storage tanks .
  • Welding as per IS-812:1987
  • Welding electrodes as per IS-814:1991
  • Our welders certified by Leighton, BHEL, DuPont
  • Sand blasting will be done on customer request
  • Tanks will be tested pneumatically at a pressure of 0.5kg/cm2
  • Die Penetration test will be done for 40% of the weld joints.
  • Thicknesstest for shell, end plate, bottom padding, Manhole neck and manholeflange & cover will be done with calibrated ultras sonic thick test instrument.
  • Radiography test will be conducted for weld joints on customer request.
  • Steel chemical analyses will be done before starting of the fabrication.
  • Corrosion allowance will be provided.
  • All flanges we use as per ASA 150 Class.
  • After fabrication of tanks external surfaces are cleaned for mild scales rust and grease etc., before painting of the tanks.
  • We fabricated 990 Ltrs capacity service tanks with 4,5 &6mm thk. Steel as per the customer requirement.
  • Leak detection system will be provided for double skin storage tanks on customer request.
  • The HSD total system with automation mode connectivity to BMS.
  • Flame proof as per IS-2148 conforming electrical equipment will be used with in the HSD yard area.
  • All Ball Valves, Flow Meters, Non Return Valves, Strainers, Pressurerelief Valves, Pressure switches, Foot Valves, Float Valves, Pressuregauges, Solenoid valves Level probes for DG day tanks, LevelTransmitters for Bulk storage tanks, Pumps, FLP motors, DOL Starters,Emergency Stop switches and Leak detectors with alarm are standard asperIS specifications.
  • Weather proof HSD Electrical control will be made by us as per the system requirement .
  • Handingover documents with briefly with operation manual and test certificatesand catalogs of used equipments, stage wise inspection reports, steel chemical analyses, pipeline pressure test certificate, Third partyinspection certificates and as built drawings.
  • The entire HSD system will be properly earthed to earth pits. Earthing clamps will be used at Flange joints.
  • Proper sign boards, fire extinguishers, fire/sand buckets, no smokingboards, industrial chain link fencing with GI posts, Tanker entry gateand emergency gate will be provided as per explosive approved drawing.
  • We offer HSD fueling system in manual mode and auto mode (With intermediate tank Or with solenoid valves.

Underground horizontal tank

Key features for aboveground Horizontal storage tanks:

  • Aboveground horizontal tanks will be fabricated as per IS-10987 specifications.
  • 200mm height nozzles will be provided.
  • Padding will be provided for all nozzles and manway and etc.
  • Steel fabricated pedestals will be provided for aboveground storage tanks on customer request at bottom of the tank.
  • Outlet & Drain nozzle will be provided at bottom of the tank.
  • Side fuel level tube will be provided.
  • Float & board type level indicator will be provided on request.
  • Above ground tank will be painted white synthetic enamel paint after 2 coats of zinc primer as per IS-158 specifications.