To protect a large area from the damage of intense fires, we offer advanced Automatic Fire Suppression System (gas/chemical based). These Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are very powerful over the dangerous and intense fires and handle the effect without using much water. With these Automatic Fire Suppression Systems, we can prevent fires while minimizing the use of water. The system uses carbon dioxide, clean agents and other suppression agents which never harm to sensitive electrical devices as well as human lives. We are ENGAGED in designing, installation, commissioning & testing of All Type of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems( gas/chemical based) like Automatic Clean Agent Fire Suppression System, Automatic CO2 fire suppression system, High Pressure CO2 fire protection system, Automatic AFFF Foam Fire Suppression systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Automatic Foam Flooding Systems, Automatic foam fire suppression systems,Co2 Gas Flooding Systems, Automatic Foam Total Flooding Systems, Automatic Co2 Fire Suppression Systems, Automatic AFFF Foam Flooding Systems for server room, data centers, computer rooms, Paint Booth, Gas Turbine, High Pressure, Spray Booth.